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The University of Chicago Press is pleased to work with authors and others who wish to use our books in their publications and courses, and for other purposes. We want to make the process of requesting permission to use our books as straightforward as possible. Before requesting permission, please refer to our Fair Use Guidelines and Image and Figure Permissions [see below].

Permissions for Republication

Use this PDF form to request permission to republish our material.

Permission for Course Use

Contact the Copyright Clearance Center at:

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Book Translations

Selections of book

Entire book

Other Subsidiary Rights

Contact the Contracts Department.

Image and Figure Permissions

The University of Chicago Press can only authorize material for which it holds the copyright. Check the credit of the image or figure you wish to reproduce. Credit may be found within the text or in a caption on the page, in the credit section of the book, or on the copyright page. If the material is copyrighted by a person or other organization, you will need to direct your permission request to the cited source. Contact the US Copyright Office for additional information.


For additional information, please contact:


Department of Contracts & Subsidiary Rights

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