Marketing Distribution Clients


This page contains information for current University of Chicago Press marketing distribution clients. If you are a publisher interested in becoming a Distribution Client, please go to Prospective Publishers for details on how to contract for our services. Current publishing clients: Please check back regularly because we update this information on staff whenever there is a change.




Whom to Contact


Marketing and Sales

Levi Stahl

Marketing Director

(general distribution issues)


John Kessler

Sales Director

(general sales issues)


Carrie Olivia Adams

Promotions & Marketing Communications Director

(marketing and promotions)


Adrienne Meyers

Promotions Manager


Meredith Nini

Promotions Manager


Nick Lilly

Senior Promotions Manager


Deirdre Kennedy

Promotions Manager


Tyler McGaughey

Promotions Manager


Kristen Raddatz

Senior Promotions Manager


Anne Osterman

Advertising Manager


Micah Fehrenbacher

International Sales Manager


Chicago Distribution Center


Joseph D'Onofrio


(general CDC issues)


Karen Hyzy

Customer Service Manager

(orders, desk copies)


Saleem Dhamee

Director, Client Services and Business Operations


Stephanie Short

Client Services Manager


Mark Stewart

Senior Operations Manager


Kate Davey

Bibliovault Manager







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